Did anybody notice Vriska’s face in this panel?

  1. thecrimsonchaos answered: I think just about everyone saw this and became confused. A callback to Nic Cage during Vriska’s death maybe?
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    Callback to this panel.
  3. meowbeast answered: yeah, whats up with that? beond the grave mind control? 0-0
  4. dadles answered: Yes. Everyone did. It’s kinda hard to miss.
  5. themanwhokilledhomes answered: yes
  6. simply-sav answered: I saw it but i have this strange theory that vriska is using her mind powers to fuck us over
  7. boomsaint answered: i did. i almost shit a brick
  8. teamstarbeamcomet answered: A lot of people did. Honestly this whole moment with Hussie and English made me laugh. No remorse whatsoever.
  9. donutprotectionsquad answered: /drags image HOPY SHIT THATS FUCKING CREEPY
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